Quality Policy


PROPLASTEK, since its foundation, has always considered as its first targets Customer satisfaction, respect of the safety at work and safety of the product realized, following these aspects:
– constant updating of its own Human Resources ;
–  continuous improving of its operative methods;
– use of equipment , DPI, and software of high standard;
– respect of the legislation and directives about products and safety;
The actions taken have always been coherent with the strategies and the targets decided by PROPLASTEK.
The Company, with the certainty of having operated, through these years, in terms of the improvement of “product/service quality” , in order to be competitive in the business market, wants to operate now a transformation based on the pursuit of quality at all levels.
The Management is convinced that this can be realized keeping active, through time, a Management Quality System.
Quality is the most important element on which depends the future of PROPLASTEK in a competitive Market, in order to:
– try to realize its own philosophy of organization of the company work ;
– encourage the company staff on a closer participation to the life of the Company itself;
– try to give as much cohesion as possible to the different production departments of the Company, involving them in order to create a better relationship of cooperation;
– take a different position towards Customers, privileging the efficiency criteria and controlled efficacy, without ignoring the economic aspect of the Company management ;
– to check in a detailed way every negative episode, trying to satisfy the Customer as much as we can;
– try to make the Company groove in order to make it flexible and innovative, always able to adapt and change, following the needs and requests of the Market and the Customer.
PROPLASTEK has set ambitious targets for its Management Policy, targets that Management has identified as follows:
– To reach a suitable position in its own sector of market ;
– To promote all the activities for a continuous improving with a systematic approach to the method: planning, making, controlling and re-examine ; everything in the optic of rationalizing the resources, the quality of product ,the safety in the work environment and the maximum clearness;
– High quality level of its products in order to satisfy Customer through the respect of the specific requirements;
– Identification of the important activities to respect the quality requirements of the contracts , with the aim of taking them under control ;
– Acceptance only of the contracts for which it can be ensured the total respect of the quality requirements, according to the Company know-how and the equipment;
– Research and qualification of the Supplier of products/services that can be considered critical for Quality, Safety and Environmental respect , creating with these suppliers a relationship of mutual cooperation and trust;
– Valorization of the human resources to stimulate the participation of the staff for the improvement and safety of the Company ,and to make the staff awaware of the environmental values ;
– Constant improvement of the Company image.

These targets are shared by all the staff that, not only works for a correct management of the system, but also gives ideas to the Management to continuously improve it.
The Management, for every periodic re-examination, establishes the best strategies to reach the evolution of its primary targets and its management system; it defines the specific targets and the commitments about Policy, by using appropriate and adequate technical, human and economic resources. As a matter of fact, Management has always supported the improving actions even before they were explicit by Customer, through their production requirements.
This development is clear in the constant research and application of new technologies in the productive processes at all levels, in order to reduce their variability and maintain them “productive”. This is a task we want to maintain also with the cooperation that the staff showed; being always ready to learn quickly the organizational innovations introduced, and to respect the recordings that enable the Company to control quality level of its process and products. Recordings are very important, but they have to be quick and sure, for this reason in 2014, computer system has been improved for the registration of the data in production.
Our Customers have shown their interest and satisfaction about our planning and management system of our production. This satisfaction can be demonstrated with the positive results of the control visits carried out both on our plant and documentation.

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