Purchase of raw materials aimed at the quality of the products

ENGEL & DEMAG and FANUC machines equipped with a BAUER NITROGEN molding system


To Proplastek, relying to the newest technological innovation means being able to respond as fast as we can to your needs, with an efficient and highly qualified service. Experience and Innovation together make the company satisfied and proud of our products.


We buy our raw materials paying attention and aiming to the quality of our products following all the present normative (RHOS). Their transformation respects all the required canons and processes starting from the dehumidification with double-tower regeneration systems. (PIOVAN)
We mold with new molding tools: ENGEL & DEMAG and FANUC. The equipment is made of molding nitrogen system by BAUER. The quality is guaranteed by monitoring programs keeping the variables and the molding parameters into closed range, organizing the process that allows the data to be traceable.

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